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Best Christmas Markets on the French Riviera

Whether you enjoy browsing through handcrafted stocking stuffers, snacking on a melty bite-sized raclette, or taking a ride on the Ferris wheel, France offers some of the most mesmerising and delicious Christmas markets across Europe. But while northern cities like Strasbourg, Reims, or Metz are regularly acclaimed for their beauty, the French Riviera can offer just as much in the winter season. From Monaco to Cannes, celebrate the holidays on the Côte d’Azur by visiting one of these Christmas m

Are your health and wellness goals making you emotionally drained? Here’s how to tell

The last time I took a look in the mirror, there were several things I wanted to improve about myself. After spending over half an hour scrolling TikTok, I pinpointed that my hair needed a full routine – including a weekly hair oil mask and daily scalp massage. Then, I noticed that my face looked puffy and wrote down a list of extra self-care steps to try, including daily dry brushing, gua sha and lymphatic drainage massage. These thoughts started tallying up before I’d even had a chance to thin

Fashion journalism: Secure freelance writing work at Fashion Week

Fashion Week may seem like an elite industry only accessible to high-ranked editors, reputed reporters and fashion influencers. Yet, if the recent New York Fashion Week taught us anything it’s that, if there’s room for TikTokers, there’s also space for freelance fashion journalists. Fashion Week tends to take place around February and September in more than 12 cities across Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia. If you’re a writer looking to get into fashion journalism, aspiring to co

‘Butt amnesia’ is a thing – these expert-approved exercises prevent it

‘Butt amnesia’ might sound like a ridiculous term that I just invented, but it’s actually something that’s been circulating around for years under various guises. Ever heard of ‘dead-butt syndrome’? No? Well… you must be surfing a different area of the internet to us. No matter the term, the whole ‘numb bum’ situation is making a comeback among people in their early 30s – and for good reason. Since lockdown, we’ve swapped office desks for dining room tables, meeting rooms for comfy couches, and

The 5 best natural wine bars in Copenhagen for your next after work drink

Copenhagen ’s growing selection of natural wine bars, which offer seasonal menus paired with intimate atmospheres, makes the Danish capital the up and coming destination for a slow and conscious wine tasting experience. Bar owners in the city work closely with independent vineyards across Europe to curate an un-manipulated, biodynamic and sustainable wine selection for their cellars. 'Natural wines' mean the grapes have been harvested in harmony with the climate while being free from pesticides
Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels

A designer’s guide to digital sustainability

And working with clients to make the web eco-friendly. I’m amazed by the fact that the internet is polluting the environment and no one in the tech world is talking about it. But it’s not your fault. Or mine. I’m a freelance writer with design skills, and up until five months ago, I had never heard of the term digital carbon footprint. This whole digital sustainability concept came into my life on a Friday night. After an exhausting week of pitching, I was sitting at my laptop, a glass of wine i